New museum for classic vehicles in Germany


PS.Speicher Einbeck
PS.Speicher Einbeck
© Photo: Michael Schlenger
Collectors and lovers of classic vehicles will be delighted to learn that there is a new museum located right in the heart of Germany where visitors can embark on a journey through time from the dawn of motoring until the 1970s. The new location is called PS.Speicher and is housed in an impressive 19th century brick building in the lovely small-town of Einbeck in Lower Saxony. The museum is the result of decades of collecting by the local entrepreneur and motoring enthusiast Karl-Heinz Rehkopf. He decided to make his huge collection accessible to the public and spared no expense to create a true marvel of a museum.

The bulk of the vehicles in the exhibition are pre- and post-war motorcycles produced by renowned German manufacturers like BMW, DKW, Horex, Triumph (Nuremberg), Victoria, and Zündapp. Quite a number of them is in “oily rag” condition and shows a beautiful patina that no restoration will match. However, you will also find lots of cars and three-wheelers scattered around the five story high building with its massive wooden pillars. The vehicles are presented in attractive and often surprising surroundings with lots of accessories and enlarged contemporary pictures. Large dioramas created with the utmost attention to detail enable fascinating steps back in time and thus go beyond the mere technical perspective.

A particular nice feature of the exhibition is a number of films re-creating the world in which the vehicles shown once played their role as a means of everyday transport or as of the object of yearning and admiration. The visitor also learns a lot about parallel developments in East and West as similar vehicles are presented in pairs. For example, the DKW RT 125 W from Ingolstadt and the IFA MZ 125 from Zschopau in East Germany – both based on the same pre-war design – can be compared in detail.


It is hardly possible to spend less than a whole day in the PS Speicher, and thus the visitor will appreciate the opportunity to relax in the Genusswerkstatt, which is an excellent café and restaurant in an annex building. A further attraction is the museum shop which not only offers a huge range of collectables, books, and clothing for the enthusiast, but also a selection of vintage accessories.

Apart from the museum the old town of Einbeck is also worth a visit. For travellers whose interests are not restricted to the world of ancient vehicles the whole region is hugely attractive thanks to its largely unspoiled countryside and historic cities like Goslar, Göttingen, Hildesheim and Paderborn.

Source: Michael Schlenger

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