Classic Car Events

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classic car events
classic car events is a well-established website maintained by keen enthusiasts who wish to inform the classic and vintage car community in Germany about top-notch international and local events as well as rare automobiles, forgotten marques and eccentric personalities from the world of historic vehicles.

Our ambition is to provide fellow enthusiasts with news, insights and documentations which are beyond the horizon of printed classic car magazines. We particularly like unrestored and original cars and are also fond of historic aeroplanes, trains and farm equipment. It’s our philosophy that the best way to keep the love for classic vehicles alive is using them and presenting them to the public rather than just storing them in a museum or private collection.

Michael Schlenger
Michael Schlenger
Selection for English-speaking readers
As classic and vintage car events in Germany increasingly attract participants and visitors from neighbouring countries like France, the Netherlands and the U.K., selected reviews and articles will be made available also in English.

Michael Schlenger and his website about prewar vehicles.

Suggestions welcome

If you wish to share information about unconventional events with us or would like to read more about the classic car scene in Germany, please contact us via our standard form.

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