Vintage stationary engine by Thomassen at work


Lovers of old stationary engines will be delighted to watch and hear this superbly restored Thomassen Diesel engine effortlessly driving a gate saw at the “International Stationaire Motorenshow”. This event takes place every year in the Dutch small town of Nuenen near Eindhoven (160 miles from Dunkirk) and attracts enthusiasts from all across Europe.

Source: YouTube. © Copyright by Wayne Grenning

Thomassen, the manufacturer of this impressive 30 hp engine, was founded in 1906 in the Netherlands by Geurt Thomassen who had started building engines of his own design as early as 1896. The company later produced a large variety of gas, petrol and diesel engines as well as compressors and turbines. It still exists as part of the Ansaldo Energy Group. A former subsidiary named Thomassen Compression Systems today belongs to the Howden Group.

Details on the engine presented in Nuenen appear difficult to be obtained. Most probably the engine was built immediately before or after the First World War. Any pertinent information is highly welcome.

A must-read for stationary engine enthusiasts in the English-speaking world surely is “The Old Machinery Magazine”.

Last not least a selection of websites dedicated to all kinds of vintage engines and related subjects.

Source: Michael Schlenger

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