28th European Veteran Rally – six countries


The nostalgia of some European cities will overwhelm you. We will be looking for memories of Princesses and Dutchesses, in their glossy four horse carriages and ornate, richly decorated fireplaces in abundance.
Vaduz is such a city. A city of dreams. We are inviting you for the 28th European Veteran Rally, which is from the 14th to the 20th of May 2017, visiting six countries in six days.
Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein., Switzerland, France and Luxembourg Join us in your Historic car, or Modern GT, in either the Sports Class, with an inbuilt competition or in the quieter Touring Class.

You will also discover the green valleys of Switzerland. During the 46 kilometer crossing of the Klausen Pass, which long ago, was the road fort he famous FIA – hill climb for Sporting cars. And, in Weggis after dinner, go outside for a while to look up at the clark sky and be amazed that you have never seen, clearly, so many stars across the heavens.

European Veteran Rally
European Veteran Rally © Fotoquelle und Bildrechte: Veranstalter

‘En France‘ you are invited to cruise through the pittoresque villages, alomg the hilly Route du Vin. Later more vineyards will be found in Luxembourg on both sides of the River Moselle and to the South of Trier.

Here, in Europe’s heartland, the teams on the Touring and in the Sports Class event will enjoy their tricky, sometimes puzzling and authentic roadbook. Along very scenic secondary roads you will be passing through many beautiful and hidden places. The unique Schwarzwald Hochstrasse for example; the borders of Lake Konstanz in southern Germany plus the valleys and passes of Austria and Switzerland. You wil be climbing, in the heart of the Alps, up to Vaduz, Liechtenstein’s capital. Once there you will understand why the national anthem is named “Oben am Jungen Rhein“ Remember that traveling is discovering.

More info/ inscription: EVR Eindhoven , Holland. phone: 0031-6-53403570, e-mail: gh@epr.nl

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