UK Alpine Challenge


22. 06. 13 - 23. 06. 13

00:00 Uhr

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Cornwall und Devon

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– Titel: UK Alpine Challenge

Beschreibung der Veranstaltung
The Alpine Challenge Club has been organising Classic Regularity Rallies in the Alps for several years and these rallies continue with the next event scheduled for 13th to 15th September 2013 starting in

UK Alpine Challenge 2013
UK Alpine Challenge 2013 © Fotoquelle und Bildrechte: Veranstalter
southwest Switzerland and covering an exacting course run over three days with the expected participation of teams from across Europe as in previous years. The Alpine Challenge Club has been offered the possibility to organise a rally on a similar pattern in Devon and Cornwall, a challenge which has readily been accepted particularly in view of the ideal countryside for such an event available in the UK Westcountry and the large classic rally fraternity in the UK, some of whom make the long trip every year to undertake the Swiss event.

One of the guiding principles of the Alpine Challenge Club is to organise the route of its rallies along the course of ancient rallies which were run in the heyday postwar period for road rallies. We shall follow that same rule in the organisation of the 2013 UK Alpine Challenge which will include sections from various past events.

The original organising team is composed of FIA marshals and here again it shall be the case with Plymouth Motor Club taking responsibility for all aspects of safety and marshalling for this event.

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– IG: The Alpine Challenge Club
– Ansprechpartner: Didier Barthe
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