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Special trips for classic cars, cabrios, Porsche & friends

With „Umbria mia“ you will have unforgettable guided tours. You find charming and secret places, away from the tourists. You stay in hidden resorts and old castles, situated with fantastic points of view.

Umbria Mia brochure
Umbria Mia brochure © Photos: Presenter
These hideaways are really specialsome of them much loved from famous persons. You are cruising around lovely landscapes in Southern Tuscany, Umbria and Le Marche. You are driving on narrow, curvy roads. You will discover special mystic places and visiting „posti segreti“. You will enjoy wine and olive oil tasting, pasta and truffles and much more. You will see two of the 100 most beautiful villages of Italy, both are situated in Umbria. You are driving also on small and bendy roads of the Val d’Orcia and to the Monte Amiata. You will have fun on the curvy roads of the Monti Sibillini and the special landscape of Calanchi in Le Marche. You also will go seaside to the „Riviera degli Etruschi“ and to a lot of little lakes. You will discover the regions of the Chianti and Le Crete. The dinners are at wonderful locations, one of them is a Michelin-starred restaurant. The only thing you have to do is booking and coming with your beautiful car with us to have this unforgettable experiences!

If you want to know more, meet us at Europe’s greatest classic car exhibition, the RETRO CLASSICS at Stuttgart from 26.03. to 29.03.2015. Our stand: 4G34, Porsche Hall. See you!

Source: Ingrid Hofmeister

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